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The pro­duc­tion and per­for­mance duo of Audio­fly was born in 2002 when Midd­le­ton met Luca Sapo­rito. Fairly quic­kly their groovy, melo­dic and undu­la­ting take on house music star­ted to create a huge fan base which saw them relea­sing on estee­med labels like Get Phy­si­cal, Renais­sance and Mood­mu­sic, before star­ting their own Super­na­ture imprint.
Let’s get a lit­tle dee­per with Anthony, as he shares with us his thoughts on spi­ri­tua­lity and how it’s intrin­si­cally lin­ked to music.

In 2007 the Napoli-born Davide Squil­lace recei­ved the phone call of his career. On the other end of the line was the Cir­co­loco team, infor­ming Squil­lace they’d been kee­ping tabs on him via his relea­ses and DJ sets, then invi­ting him to become one of the club’s resi­dents. At the cen­tre of Squillace’s world these days — aside from the busy pro­duc­tion sche­dule and end­less DJ gigs — is his own This And That Lab; a crea­tive outlet which mar­ries art, design and music. So come with us as we get a lit­tle dee­per with Davide, going beyond the music and dig­ging down into the man; his inspi­ra­tion and pas­sion, beliefs and fears.

Inside the Beat

Year: 2013
Duration: 7 min

Inside The Beat is a new film series that delves into the minds of electronic music's contemporary visionaries. On air on Pulse Radio.
This first clips follows Jonny White, who fronts one of Canada's finest exports in electronic music of the past five years, Art Department.
In collaboration with Anthony Middleton and María Sanchez.