Very happy to publish the first videoclip I made for Bewider, using Depthkit and the volumetric technique: it's a hybrid scape created through the Kinect camera + DSLR, which scans actors and movements to abstract them in a 3D environment. Traditional videography goes immersive. Here's Bewider's website. Enjoy!


"Territoires" is an audiovisionary journey performed live with the musician Persus Nine. With the artistic identity of LOON, live visuals are my passion: we try to build an experience that un-draws the borders between genres, experiments and delivers dancy vibes. Check more fragments of our live on Vimeo and follow us on Instagram and FB.

Cavasound Events

Three videos of Cavasound Events, I had the pleasure to film with Tino Solé: very nice afterwork events with good mixture of fun, nice people and an emergent band playing live.
Last event, September.
First event, September.
Second event, October.
Third event, November.

Produced by

Veló Shoes

I wanted to lift my love for shoes to a limitless, abstract, elegant and clean environment. The art of shoe-making involves such a lot of procedures, elements, skills... hard to imagine being just a buyer, beautiful to see if you have the opportunity, a marathon of patience and inner balance if you have the chance to try to make your own.

Fashion in Paris

The Embassy of Chile organized and hosted the fashion show of Ivan Grubessich; my first video about fashion...looks pretty nice. Production by Davily Partners

MESTIZO by Edir Mal­par­tida | Anto­nio Nara­njo at Dry Martini

MASCARITA by Jua­nillo Fal­con | Gia­como Gian­notti at Creps al Born

WATERMELON MARTINI by Pierre Mas­sin at La Dama

MyO Organic Spirits

The friends of MyO sell the best organic spirit you have ever tried. We started this set of clips with some of most talented bartenders in Barcelona creating drinks for this special products. Get the recipe at the end of the clip!

Barsaris Watches

A new collection of watches is going to break into the market, for the rock 'n' rollers with a teste for elegance. Nice way to talk about a product with a symbolic storytelling. With the art of Tony Ramos, the music of Craig and Pancho, and the lungs of Lu Cojazzi

The New Kids Club

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

My second work in catalan (ok it's for an english school, but it ends in catalan!)


After experiencing with Audiofly how beautiful is creating and live mixing visuals, with Céline Pimentel we decided to found a duo to keep on with a project we dreamt of during many years, and start a parallel path towards festivals and events. Follow us on Facebook and have a look here!

Corsari Negre

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

After 8 years feeling Barcelona as my home, I'm proud to finally present my first video in catalan :)

Usha Martin

Year: 2016
Duration: 4 min
The good thing about video production is that you can satisfy your curiosity, getting in deep touch with peculiar realities at the moment of designing their movie. And you can realize for example that lots of the industrial ropes in the world are produced close to your hometown.

Yes I know: the one above is a beau­ti­ful video but…isn’t it a bit too bright for a club envi­ron­ment? Won’t you add some more glitch? Yes of course! …the one below is the same con­tent as it were played live :)

And…some more clips that will be mixed live in (more…)

Audiofly Live Visuals

A project I have been thinking of for years, finally turning into reality with Audiofly. Trying to pass over the limitations live visuals sometimes self impose, we tried to build a hypnotic and poetic performance. With the fundamental collaboration of Céline Pimentel (choreography) and Simona Malatesta (assistant director). Premiere at Flying Circus NYE2016 in Playa del Carmen!

Cooking in Motion + Mezcal Amores

Year: 2015
Duratión: 3 min

Food and drinks events are somehow complicated to frame...people eating and drinking are so un-glamour! So we looked for a sensorial way to picture the incredible food and drinks these friends can create whenever their creativity meets

NYE 2015

Year: 2014
Duratión: 2 min

One more experimentation with our friends of Flying Circus. Always trying to push the video language a bit beyond the ordinary concept of a teaser, experiencing the hypnotic tones and the armony these guys create during their concerts.


Year: 2014
Duratión: 5 min

It's just for fun, but it's a kind of gun! An interesting experience getting in contact with army industry, an interesting experimentation mixing live footage and technical visual design

Colcom Group

Año: 2014
Duración: 4 min
Realización: S. Casella - M. Loda

Un corporate para una empresa que ha confiado en nosotros, y después de 7 años (buena shelf life para un vídeo!) desde el primer vídeo que hemos realizado, nos ha entregado el cuento de su crecimiento hacia un grupo de empresas, que tienen "Glass at the Core"

Inside The Beat vol. 2

Year: 2013
Duration: 7 min

Inside The Beat is a new film series that delves into the minds of electronic music's contemporary visionaries. On air on Pulse Radio.
The fourth film of the series focuses one the NYC hailing Bill Patrick. In collaboration with Anthony Middleton and María Sanchez.

Az. Agr. Lo Sparviere

Año: 2013
Duración: 5 min
Realización: S. Casella - M. Loda

Después de un par de años, hemos vuelto á tocar el tema de la comida... aún mejor.. de la bebida! Una granja que produce "spumante" filmada durante mucho tiempo, en un vídeo poético y muy marketing oriented; no voice over, gráfica sencilla y sonidos

Other epi­so­des of Inside the Beat in more (more…)

Inside the Beat

Year: 2013
Duration: 7 min

Inside The Beat is a new film series that delves into the minds of electronic music's contemporary visionaries. On air on Pulse Radio.
This first clips follows Jonny White, who fronts one of Canada's finest exports in electronic music of the past five years, Art Department.
In collaboration with Anthony Middleton and María Sanchez.

Flying Circus Ibiza

Year: 2013
Duration: 1 min

After six years touring the globe erupting dance parties, Flying Circus has touched down in Ibiza for a summer residency.
Here the teaser for the season, connecting the Circus with the Island, and trying to get away from the very common shapes and contents electronic scene educates to watch.


Año: 2013
Duración: 6 min
Realización: S. Casella

Extracto de el vídeo promocional para Ad-Roller, un nuevo vehículo publicítario que se puede tocar: una cinta que se pone en los pasamanos de las escaleras mecánicas, para campañas nacionales y locales. Rodado en Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca

Comparin System

Año: 2012
Duración: 4 min
Realización: Casella - Murru

Un vídeo corporate que presentó un desafío interesante: como hablar de una impresa sin identificarla con los productos que ensembla por clientes? Porqué su especialidad es la creatividad en soluciones tecnicas creativas y personalizadas, no en los elementos que monta.

Pájaro de Fuego

Año: 2013
Duración: 3 min
Realización: Casella - Mercado

A project that mixes magic, fire and painting: returning to the concept of the practice of alchemy, which uses elements of chemistry, physics, mysticism and art, this piece reveals a chemical reaction of fire and paper worked with acid, revealing an image of movement and transformation: a dancer becoming a bird.
Performed by Thelma Seguí

Rea­li­za­ción y mon­taje: Ste­fano Casella, Simona Marchesi

En color nara­nja son los link para saber más sobre el proyecto de Fran­ce­sca Oggiano, y sobre la aso­cia­ción Stop Bales de Goma.

Made in Mossos

Año: 2011
Duración: 12 min

Trás lo sucedido y los heridos durante la huelga del 29M en Barcelona, es el momento de publicar este post.
La fotografa Francesca Oggiano sacó unos impresionantes retratos de 4 de los heridos que perdieron un ojo por las balas de goma disparadas por los Mossos D' Esquadra. Los chicos, que forman la asociación Stop Bales de Goma, en esa ocasión se dejaban fotografar por primera vez.
Este es el backstage de la sesión de foto, y sus cuentos de sus historias.

Más clip curio­sos y unos pen­sa­mien­tos sobre la comida en… (more…)


Filiera Corta?

Año: 2011
Duración: 21 min
Realización: Casella - Marchesi

Durante el rodaje de un corporate sobre la producción de comida, hemos tenido la suerte de visitar unos lugares que bien se imprimieron en nuestras memorias. Lugares sugestivos donde la materia se trata con poesia y/o con tecnologia; lugares para sorprenderse y reflexionar, y (re)conocer las propias orígenes.