MESTIZO by Edir Mal­par­tida | Anto­nio Nara­njo at Dry Martini

MASCARITA by Jua­nillo Fal­con | Gia­como Gian­notti at Creps al Born

WATERMELON MARTINI by Pierre Mas­sin at La Dama

MyO Organic Spirits

The friends of MyO sell the best organic spirit you have ever tried. We started this set of clips with some of most talented bartenders in Barcelona creating drinks for this special products. Get the recipe at the end of the clip!

Barsaris Watches

A new collection of watches is going to break into the market, for the rock 'n' rollers with a teste for elegance. Nice way to talk about a product with a symbolic storytelling. With the art of Tony Ramos, the music of Craig and Pancho, and the lungs of Lu Cojazzi

Veló Shoes

I wanted to lift my love for shoes to a limitless, abstract, elegant and clean environment. The art of shoe-making involves such a lot of procedures, elements, skills... hard to imagine being just a buyer, beautiful to see if you have the opportunity, a marathon of patience and inner balance if you have the chance to try to make your own.

The New Kids Club

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

My second work in catalan (ok it's for an english school, but it ends in catalan!)


After experiencing with Audiofly how beautiful is creating and live mixing visuals, with Céline Pimentel we decided to found a duo to keep on with a project we dreamt of during many years, and start a parallel path towards festivals and events. Follow us on Facebook and have a look here!

Corsari Negre

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

After 8 years feeling Barcelona as my home, I'm proud to finally present my first video in catalan :)