The New Kids Club

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

My second work in catalan (ok it's for an english school, but it ends in catalan!)


After experiencing with Audiofly how beautiful is creating and live mixing visuals, with Céline Pimentel we decided to found a duo to keep on with a project we dreamt of during many years, and start a parallel path towards festivals and events. Follow us on Facebook and have a look here!

Corsari Negre

Year: 2016
Duration: 20"

After 8 years feeling Barcelona as my home, I'm proud to finally present my first video in catalan :)

Usha Martin

Year: 2016
Duration: 4 min
The good thing about video production is that you can satisfy your curiosity, getting in deep touch with peculiar realities at the moment of designing their movie. And you can realize for example that lots of the industrial ropes in the world are produced close to your hometown.

Yes I know: the one above is a beau­ti­ful video but…isn’t it a bit too bright for a club envi­ron­ment? Won’t you add some more glitch? Yes of course! …the one below is the same con­tent as it were played live :)

And…some more clips that will be mixed live in (more…)

Audiofly Live Visuals

A project I have been thinking of for years, finally turning into reality with Audiofly. Trying to pass over the limitations live visuals sometimes self impose, we tried to build a hypnotic and poetic performance. With the fundamental collaboration of Céline Pimentel (choreography) and Simona Malatesta (assistant director). Premiere at Flying Circus NYE2016 in Playa del Carmen!

Cooking in Motion + Mezcal Amores

Year: 2015
Duratión: 3 min

Food and drinks events are somehow complicated to frame...people eating and drinking are so un-glamour! So we looked for a sensorial way to picture the incredible food and drinks these friends can create whenever their creativity meets